Who is the Modern Working Woman?

a Photo Essay with Lola Starter Kit by Maria Pinto

Women, work and clothing have always been complicatedly intertwined entities. Clothing is the first visual representation of a person we instinctively interpret upon meeting. But more important than how the world views us, clothing plays a crucial role in how we see ourselves and interact with the world. 


For this project, I worked alongside Chicago fashion designer Maria Pinto (famous for dressing women such as Michelle Obama and Oprah) to create a photo essay that explores the ever-changing role of the modern working woman. For this project, we chose five local, up-and-coming female photographers to shoot five women leaders in the city who are working to better their communities. This photo essay was a mixture of local creative styles and unique personalities that came together to show the role that clothing plays in our lives, particularly in the workplace.






I was paired with architect, Hibby Bhatty. Since Maria draws inspiration for her clothing from architecture, I wanted that to be a central piece throughout the work. I chose to shoot at Hiba's favorite architectural sites in the city with the intention of melding both landscape and portraiture in the image. Since the centerpiece of her work is always architecture, I wanted the focus of this image to be on her rather than the buildings. 


Photo by Gracie Hammonds

Photo by Jackie Robertson

Photo by Anna Heyward

Photo by Rena Naltsas

Photo by Kim Kovacik

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