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  • Kim Kovacik


Ah Paree- a gorgeous masterpiece at every turn. Every street corner more beautiful than the next. Whether it be a door handle, windowsill or chair, there is Parisian charm and beauty etched into every detail. But your eyes aren’t the only sense to be delighted by this city. The food is like none other. I’m convinced that you can’t have a bad meal in Paris.

Upon my first few minutes of arriving in Paris, I was followed into the Metro by a beret-wearing accordion player who then proceeded to fill the train with his harmonic wheezes. I sat staring out of the window for the remainder of my journey to my hostel smiling to myself with how stereotypical the situation was.

But, going to Paris wasn’t without some minor pitfalls. This was the first time I was in a non-English speaking country. Alas, I survived (not without butchering some French along the way). It’s an interesting space to navigate, being in a foreign country with zero knowledge of the language. It’s an in-between of being completely immersed in a culture but, at the same time, at distance from it. But, this distance allowed me to draw into myself- to be a silent observer. And in that, finding immense happiness. Some of my best memories being those of which I explored Paris alone and sat watching the city unfold before me.

In those silent observations, this is what I saw.


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