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  • Kim Kovacik


It’s impossible to be sad on this little sun-soaked island paradise. Having always dreamed of visiting Santorini (after hours of creeping through Google images), this gorgeous oasis did not disappoint. With hundreds of white houses stacked along the mountainside overlooking the sea and the most breathtaking golden hours I’ve ever seen, the island makes everyone a Instagram star.

Even though it was my dream to visit Santorini, I almost didn’t go. When I was planning my travels, I realized that getting to there was harder than I originally thought- definitely not as straightforward as previous cities. I started to psych myself out, thinking that I couldn’t do it. But after sitting back and giving myself a pep talk (geez Kim, you’ve navigated yourself all around Europe- calm down), I figured everything out with no problem.

Up to the point in which I arrived in Santorini, I had been traveling for six weeks and had visited nine cities. At that point, I was starting to feel the weight of my travels and was yearning for a break. Well, Santorini was just that. My most strenuous task was deciding what beach to go to that day. Even though the island is overrun with tourists, it ended up being exactly what I needed- fun and sun.

So I put my camera down (somewhat) and enjoyed it. Sometimes it’s just as important to know when to put down the camera as it is to pick it up.

In the moments I choose to pick it up, this is what I saw.


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