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  • Kim Kovacik

Italy (Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre & Tuscany)

I have always dreamed of visiting Italy. My mom's side of the family is from Italy's southern most region, Calabria, so I grew up with pasta considered as a main food group. I felt right at home when the locals tried to force-feed me more than I could ever possibly consume.

During my time in Italy, I got to visit three different regions- each having their own specific cuisine and culinary expertise. I visited Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and various towns in the Chianti region (and happily ate my weight in pasta, pizza and gelato in each of them).

Contrary to the opinions of other travelers I met, Rome was one of my favorite cities I visited. I fell in love with the culture, the people and (of course) the food. I instantly felt at home wandering through its winding, sun-soaked streets. Being that I studied Latin in high school, this was one of the few cities where I was familiar with the history and significance of its monuments. Knowing these things made the city that much more magical.

After Rome, I ventured to Florence. From there, I day-tripped out to Cinque Terre, as I've always dreamed of photographing its rainbow coastal towns, and Tuscany because of its reputation for food and Chianti wines. Every step of the way I was reminded of my mom. Her dream has always been to visit Italy, and there I was on a wine/food tour of Tuscany, on Mother's Day of all days, fulfilling her dream. So I did what I do best- I took a lot of photos. Hoping I can share them with her when I get back. One thing is for sure though, it doesn't matter if you have the best meal in the world- nothing is better than your mom's cooking.

I had a hard time pulling myself away from Italy's beautiful grounds, but I know I'll be back, But next time, with my mom.

This is what I saw.




Cinque Terre

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