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  • Kim Kovacik

Los Angeles

I left the tired faces of early rush hour Chicago. Passing mountains and deserts for the first time.

Stepping onto West Coast turf, I was greeted by the blinding California light and salt-sprayed palms.

It was a beautiful sun-kissed frenzy.

LA welcomed me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LA is extremely energetic. It has this special type of charm-making everybody feel like a momentary celebrity.

Fully falling prey to LA culture, I became obsessed with acai bowls and kombucha. All the while relishing in my temporary escape from the Midwest's humidity.

I had the pleasure of romping seemingly every corner of the widespread cityscape. Funny, coming from Chicago, how long the roads in LA seem. From Malibu, to Venice beach, Melrose, the MOCA, Griffith Observatory, Silver Lake, Runyon Canyon, each area was unique and all its own.

I was thankfully able to reconnect with a lot of old friends while visiting-each of them showing me their favorite parts of a city they’ve come to know.

These are the adventures we had.


West Coast-MISSIO

No More Parties in LA-Kanye West

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