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  • Kim Kovacik


Arrival in Europe. An anxiety-ridden plane ride and a tear-stained neck pillow would best describe my travel overseas. But that was to be expected. Eventually, my thumping head and heart subsided as the plane grew closer, and I caught my first glimpse of foreign grounds.

But it wasn’t until I boarded the Tube and was speeding towards my hostel that excitement finally set in. With eyes wide and scanning every inch of the lush British landscapes, my heart swelled as I finally felt the gravity of my adventure. In that moment, I knew that with whatever was to come (both the good and the bad); I was supposed to be here. And I was ready for it.

Welcome to London.

London had my heart as soon as I entered. Before arriving, I naively thought London was over-hyped and would be nothing special. Well, I was wrong. I fell in love with the city and its peoples’ gorgeous accents. Such vibrant energy juxtaposes London’s gloomy skies.

This is what I saw.

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