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  • Kim Kovacik


Berlin is a city on the precipice of change. I'm grateful to have seen it before it gets overrun with tourists and washed with new developments (although a lot of it already has been lost to gentrification). With the vibrant individuality of its people and the incredible modern design of its architecture, I found myself at home with ease- the city having faint similarities to life back in Chicago. But Berlin breathes its own unique energy- an energy that you can't help but be swept up in. And it can really only be felt by walking down the streets yourself. It is truly a city you have to visit to understand. For that very reason, it was a challenge to photograph. Berlin is very underground; it's a city of hidden gems that can sometimes only be found through knowing a local. Letting my eyes guide me only got me so far. Nevertheless, I attempted. This is what I saw.


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