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  • Kim Kovacik


My arrival in Prague was none too glamorous. Grey skies gave way to heavy rain and bone-chilling wind. But regardless of the weather, I found myself wide-eyed and pressed up against the bus window, captivated by the city’s beauty.

Prague in any weather is a gorgeous fairytale-esque city. Though, not to be mistaken that the people are fairytale-esque. With their stern stares, they are far from the cheerful storybook characters that serenade little creatures and dance through flower fields. But underneath their cold appearance, they are a warm people.

The same people that I owe part of my heritage to. Being that part of my father’s side of the family comes from the region, it was truly amazing to be able to walk around in the city and feel as though I was a part of some bigger history. I’d like to think I paid homage to my ancestors in the best way I could- by drinking lots of Czech pivo (beer).

This is what I saw.

Music Rosemary Lane- Espers Lullaby (feat. Soft Glas)- Chargaux Are You Serious- Andrew Bird In a Black Out- Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

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